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Wildlife of Australia's Nature Coast

Its all about the Wildlife!

From our earliest ancestors, the Kabi Kabi and Jinibarra peoples in the south and the Butchulla peoples in the north, through to present day inhabitants, we have always taken our guardianship of the lands upon which we walk and the wildlife therein, extremely seriously.

With more than 700 species of birdlife, many of which are rare and endangered, through to a superb selection of some of Australia's most iconic animals, we are fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful wildlife!

Some of such wildlife you'll discover on a journey to Australia's Nature Coast  include koalas,  kangaroos, platypus, turtles, dingoes, goanas, dugongs, echidnas, dolphins and of course, humpback whales.

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The Irwins

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Your Journey Day by Day | Wildlife | Taste Of

Beerwah, Mooloolaba

From Brisbane, travel 60 minutes north to world renowned Australia Zoo, set in the pristine Glass
House Mountains (or Daki Comon or “stone standing up” to our Aboriginal people) National Park, home to the late Steve Irwin and his Wildlife Warrior family – Terri, Bindi and Robert. Steve would be proud of how his family has nurtured his wildlife legacy, for this is a nature experience like no other – and most certainly not like any “zoo” you have ever imagined!




Featuring a huge range of Australian indigenous animals, reptiles and bird species, complimented by endangered species from around the world, Australia Zoo continues to win awards as one of Australia's most loved tourism experiences. For those wanting a gentle introduction to Australian wildlife, Australia Zoo comes highly recommended. This is probably one of the first places that you will cuddle a koala and feed our kangaroos and wallabies, and we recommend at least one day to see everything.




If the sea is more to your liking, SeaLife Sunshine Coast located in Mooloolaba, is just 20 minutes from Australia Zoo and offers a great introduction to Queensland's Great Barrier Reef. This is a perfect way to familiaris yourslef with Australian fish species, jelly fish, turtles and sharks alongside our beautiful and colourful coral reefs and sea grasses.

Glass House Mountains, Montville and Maleny

The Sunshine Coast and Fraser Coast are blessed with some of Australia's best National Parks and walking opportunities for those that are confident in nature and wish to discover Australian wildlife for themselves. You can locate yourself  near the coast, or why not try out someof our quaint lodges and natural escapes located in the Hinterland towns of Montville and Maleny. You'll thank us!






From the Glass House Mountains (Daki comon) National Park in the south, the Conondales in the west, Noosa (place of shade) National Park and Cooloola (place of thin cypress pine) National Park in the middle, and to the north Fraser Island National Park, our national parks offer an abundance of natural Australian wildlife and best of all, they are free! Our local Sunshine Coast and Fraser Coast Visitor Information Centres can guide you to all the best  spots, but allow at least one day to really get a taste.

Noosa, Gympie, Rainbow Beach, Mary Valley

Hidden within the Cooloola (place of thin cypress pine) section of the Great Sandy National Park and enveloped by the Great Sandy Biosphere is Noosa Everglades, one of only two everglade systems in the world. Unlike its famous namesake, there are no alligators or crocodiles in this river, but 44% of all Australian bird species are said to live or visit here - pelicans, black swans, cormorants, sea eagles and the rare Australian Jabiru, to name a few.




Cruise the magnificent lakes and wetlands in the comfort of a guided cruise with the Discovery Group. This serene, multi award-winning tourism experience takes in the River of Mirrors, and at Lake Cootharaba (place of wood for studded clubs). you may just watch kangaroos walking on water. Your guide will explain!  For a self-guided nature option, consider the Noosa Bird Trail Sites, with over 32 tracks and trails harbouring more than 300 bird species, many of importance internationally. Take as long as you need.




To the east, and cloaked in lush, rolling countryside is the Mary Valley - home to the platypus. Escape the boring bitumen on board the Mary Valley Rattler on a half day heritage steam train ride in to Amamoor Forest Reserve.

Rainbow Beach, Great Beach Drive, Fraser Island

Driving on sand is not for the faint hearted, so sit back and let us do the driving for you - it's the best way to get a real taste of the Great Beach Drive, and we know where to find the best wildlife experiences! Our guided Unimog experiences give you a birds eye view of all the best bits as you power on to Fraser Island (K'Gari).





For a more personal experience, Great Beach Drive 4WD Tours offers a full day guided tour to some of the best wildlife viewing spots along this great sand drive and these guides really know their stuff - whales, dolphins, goannas!








And for those in a hurry to get to Fraser Island (K'Gari), Air Fraser with its exclusive beach runway is one of the most scenic flights you'll ever have. Land on the island's 75 Mile Beach and connects you with your ongoing Fraser Island tour - a very unique introduction to the island.



Hervey Bay, Fraser Island

Hervey Bay, almost 3 hours north of Brisbane is known as the whale watching capital of Australia. In season (July to November) 25,000 whales migrate along the east coast of Australia, stopping in Hervey Bay to replenish themselves and their newborn calves before the long journey home. On average, the whales stay here for 10 days, longer than anywhere else in Australia.





Whales in Hervey Bay are best described in Crocodile Dundee speak - "that's not a whale experience, THIS is a whale experience"  and in Hervey Bay we do it well! So comfortable are the whales in their Hervery Bay stopover that they consistently reward us with much closer, more intimiate interactions than anywhere else in Australia. It's all due to the extreme lengths that the Hervey Bay whale fleet have gone to, to ensure a safe and protected passage for these majestic and much loved creatures!


And finally! At the very tip of Fraser Coast and adjoining the Great Barrier Reef is Lady Elliot Island, a must-do for anyone with an interest in bird life, giant manta rays or turtles - they are quite literally everywhere. Lady Elliot Island is a multi award-winning  nature product that can be accessed as a day trip by air from Sunshine Coast or Hervey Bay. Considered home to the giant manta, what an introduction to your Australian wildlife experience!

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