Location Kulangoor
Address 27 Ayrshire Rd
Kulangoor QLD 4560
Postal 27 Ayrshire Rd
Kulangoor QLD 4560
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Fraser Coast Information Centre
+61 1800 811 728

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Information & Bookings
Visit Sunshine Coast
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What it's all about

The fun, the excitement

Riding their E-Bikes turns a great getaway into an epic adventure, living life to create a great story!

Explore the Sunshine Coast holiday area on an ecoTekk E-bike. The fabulous, electric, pedal-assist bikes, as used in ecoTekk Noosa, have now come to the rest of the Sunshine Coast area, from Coolum to Caloundra. All the excitement of zipping along the bike paths, in the sun, can be yours at the same great prices but with a larger area.

When you hire from them, your E-Bike comes to you at your resort, hotel, or friend's house. Just book and they do the rest.

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27 Ayrshire Rd, Kulangoor