Location Craignish
Address 21 Pacific Promenade
Craignish QLD 4655
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The fun, the excitement

John Haenke, producer/cameraman of FishingDownUnder, Wildfish and Escape with ET is now guiding! Few other anglers have sampled as many spectacular fishing spots in Australia and across the South Pacific as John. A day on the water is about more than just fishing – John is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and passion with fellow anglers.

John offers a variety of different guided fishing charters, with a maximum of three guests per Charter. Their guiding service is not a one size fits all charter, they prefer to talk to you before booking a day with them to see what your expectations are, the sort of fishing you’d enjoy, and your angling skills - and they’ll do their best to tailor the charter to your preferences.

John Haenke is based in the Hervey Bay area. He offers a range of guided fishing experiences in Hervey Bay and the Fraser Coast and also the Capricorn Coast and Fitzroy River.

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21 Pacific Promenade, Craignish